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Brand new Tunnel Station from Pest-Stop

Pest-Stop are pleased to announce the launch of the new Tunnel Station in preparation for the upcoming rodent season.

The reusable high quality tunnel station is the best solution for monitoring and tackling rodent infestations, even in places where space is limited. Each station comes with a key and a pair of rods, allowing the use of rodenticides or alternatively with a trap for a non-toxic solution. Read More...

The UK retail catalogue has arrived!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new UK retail catalogue!

This new catalogue is packed full of products from across our retail brands including
Pest-Stop, Insect-O-Cutor and Birchmeier and it is designed for use within the UK retail channel. Read More...

Sure-Set Rat Trap Launches!

Pest-Stop are thrilled to announce the launch of the powerful and hygienic Sure-Set Plastic Rat Trap for the 2016-17 rodent season.

The Sure-Set Rat Trap has been designed to bring all of the benefits of Pest-Stop’s bestselling Sure-Set Mouse Trap – a quick and humane killing action with a sturdy, easy to clean plastic construction – into a powerful and reliable unit designed to target troublesome rats around the home. Read More...

Pelsis Glee Review

Pelsis are still buzzing from a fantastic debut show at Glee, held in the Birmingham NEC between the 12th and 14th of September 2016, where they proudly showcased the latest developments from its retail brands, Pest-Stop and Birchmeier.

Pest-Stop relaunhces rodenticide range

This summer, Pest-Stop is relaunching its full rodenticide offering in secure and attractive round plastic tubs, providing an improved in-store look and feel and numerous safety benefits. Not only does the upgrade look fantastic on display, the new packaging provides enhanced durability and storability for trade customers and end users alike.

Wholegrain Bait - PSSA01
Pest-Stop appears in Vogue!

It’s not every day that Pest-Stop appears in Vogue, but thanks to Luke Brooks and James Theseus Buck of the Rottingdean Bazaar, the iconic Little Nipper® Mouse Trap has received some glamorous attention this week.

Pest-Stop Showcases the avant-garde fashion
Take a virtual tour inside The Pelsis Academy!

Since the official opening of The Pelsis Academy in November 2015, we’ve seen thousands of people come through our doors to take part in training and make use of our industry-leading facility. 

But if you still haven’t had chance to visit yet, don’t worry! You can now take a closer look using our virtual tour, giving you a personal preview around the light and bright training rooms and vibrant meeting spaces as well as the centrepiece of the Academy, a two-storey house where pest controllers can put their skills to the test by looking for indicators of pest activity, surveying, monitoring and recommending treatments supported by our leading technical training team.

The Pelsis Academy is an integral part of Pelsis’ learning and development strategy, and has already received fantastic feedback from visitors locally and around the world. 

Whether it’s training your team or meeting clients, the site offers a range of meeting spaces to meet our customers’ needs - take a look around today! For more information on our regular and bespoke training courses or to make use of this facility call our team on 0800 0851 451 or email

The Pelsis Academy
Pest-Stop launches new ant products for summer 2016

Pest-Stop is pleased to announce the launch of two new products to tackle irritating ant problems in the garden and around the home for summer 2016: Pest-Stop Ant Bait and Pest-Stop Ant Gel.

Pest-Stop Ant Gels
Pest-Stop launches Moth Paper

Pest-Stop unveils a great new addition to its growing insect control range with its fantastic new Moth Killer Papers.

Clothes moths can be a terrible pest in the UK as its larvae eat through clothes, fabrics and materials, leaving unwanted holes in potentially valuable garments.  Many products on the market only target the adult moth, which does not solve the problem. Read More...

Pest-Stop Moth Paper
Pest-Stop launches The Bugo

Pest-Stop is thrilled to announce the launch of The Bugo, an exciting innovation in bed bug monitoring and insect bite prevention.

Bed bugs are increasingly notorious pests which are rapidly on the rise in the UK and around the world. They are blood sucking parasites which love to live inside warm houses, near or inside beds. Most active at night, they crawl into beds to gorge on the blood of sleeping peoples and their pets, leaving behind unsightly, itchy red bites. As females can lay over 300 eggs in their lifespan, and with a global rise in numbers attributed to international travel and pesticide resistance, bed bugs are an increasing problem both in the UK and further afield.  Read More...

The Bugo
Pest-Stop launches support for popular Bird Spike products

Pest-Stop is proud to announce two additions to support their best-selling Bird Spike range.   The brand new Bird Spike Clips and Bird Spike Adhesive offer customers an increased variety of options for fixing their high quality spikes whenever and wherever their bird problems arise.

New Bird Spike Adhesive
Pest-Stop launches Fruit Fly Trap

Pest-Stop are proud to announce the launch of the Fruit Fly Trap.

Fruit Flies can be a problem all year round, but people tend to notice them more throughout the summer months. They are attracted to rotting fruit and vegetables, and can detect this from miles away; they also like moist areas like drains and empty bottles. Once a fruit fly finds a location like this they can lay up to 500 eggs at any one time, with their development from egg to fly taking only 1 week in some conditions. Read More...

Pest-Stop launch two new products into the garden pest range!

Pest-Stop have launched two new products into the garden pest range, just in time for the slug and snail boom of 2015! 

The biggest foes of any gardener are the slug and snail. With this in mind Pest-Stop have launched a competitively priced Slug and Snail Pot and Anti Slug Tape which provide customers the option to either repel or remove these pests from their gardens.  Read More...

Group De Ceuster, Belgium, announces sale of Environmental Care division to P+L Systems, UK

Group De Ceuster of Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium is pleased to announce the sale of their Environmental Care division to P+L Systems (Holding) UK of Knaresborough, UK, for an undisclosed sum.

The scope of the Environmental Care unit primarily comprises the chemical formulation and manufacturing  companies, Denka International, based in Barneveld, Holland, and Edialux-Formulex, based in Bornem, Belgium with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. The transaction includes many leading brands such as Edialux, Sprigone, Lurectron, Luxan  for the pest control , rural hygiene and consumer markets.   Importantly the transaction includes 135 employees across the various acquired entities as well as certain manufacturing and other real estate facilities.  Read More...

Pest-Stop Exhibits At Pedigree Wholesale Pet And Aquatic Show

We were proud to exhibit at the annual Pedigree Wholesale Pet and Aquatic Show, held at Sixways Stadium in Worcester in mid June, showcasing our range of pest control products to independent retailers from around the UK. 

Over 70 suppliers were present at the well attended show, exhibiting a diverse range of products from dog and cat accessories to reptile care products! Read More...

Get Ready For Rodent Season!

As the temperatures fall with the arrival of winter, we will soon start to see an increase in visits from rats and mice that are coming inside homes and businesses to shelter from the cold.

Mice and rats are a common problem to many people during the autumn and winter months and can cause many problems if they infest a house or business. Rodents can fit through very small holes or even cracks in the walls and can cause damage to electrical cables as well as carrying bacteria and disease. Read More...

Fly Infestation In Finghall!

Last week, Finghall, an idyllic country village in North Yorkshire, made the news as a result of an invasion of flies that was causing havoc for the residents.

Thought to be caused by a local poultry farm, the infestation showed no signs of reducing and the flies was causing distress and discomfort with some villagers reportedly using up to ten cans per week of fly killer spray and many felt unable to open their windows. Read More...

Exhibition Success For Pest-Stop At PestEx 2013!

Last week Pest-Stop Systems was proud to exhibit at PestEx, the international pest control exhibition held at the ExCel Centre in London. 

The show featured over 90 exhibitors and also included an extensive seminar programme of workshops and presentations.  Read More...

Visit Pest-Stop At PestEx 2013!

Pest-Stop Systems is proud to announce that it will be exhibiting at PestEx 2013! 

This year the PestEx exhibition will take place at the Excel Centre in London from the 10th-11th April 2013. Hosted by the British Pest Control Association, the exhibition will feature an array of exhibitor stands, associated seminars and technical demonstrations. Read More...

Great Success For Pest-Stop At The Totally DIY Show 2013!

This year's Totally DIY Show was a hit for Pest-Stop and provided a great opportunity for the team to meet up with new and existing customers from around the UK and Europe. 

The show took place in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and marked Pest-Stop's first exhibition since the acquisition of the brand by P+L Systems in December 2012. News of the recent changes generated a wealth of positive feedback from customers throughout the course of the show, with many being enthused by the prospect of new additions to the range in the near future. Read More...

Visit Pest-Stop At Totally DIY 2013!

Pest-Stop is proud to announce that it will be exhibiting at Totally DIY 2013! After three years at the NEC, for the first time this popular show will take place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, between the 10th and 12th of February 2013.? 

As in previous years, Pest-Stop will be exhibiting a wide range of pest control products, including solutions for garden pests, insects, rodents and wildlife pests such as moles and foxes. Read More...

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